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Framing Clamp SystemSuspension Clamp System  
In a typical framing application, four End Clamps are attached to two parallel bar joists or beams. Each End Clamp slides over the top of the joist, occupying a space 1 1/4” high by 3 1/4” wide between the joist and corrugations of a standard roof deck. The bolt slots of the End Clamp hold Grade 5 carriage bolts captive while tightening the nuts. The slight slope of the bolt slot counteracts any excess clearance, placing the clamp system squarely on top of the joist. Combined with T-Brackets and Perforated Channels, this system is ideal for the safe and economical installation of exhaust fans, vents, sky lights, and roof mounted air-conditioning units.

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NOTE: Modification or additional loading of any structure must be reviewed by a structural engineer. Each Chicago Clamp Systems® (CCS) application must be selected under direction and installed under supervision of a structural engineer. CCS does not increase load capacity of any structure. Chicago Clamp Company (CCC) takes no responsibility for the load capacity of any building. Only use components provided by CCC.

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